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wow, how is it possible to be so exited one day then before i know it i'm going down hill 10000000 miles per hour, ive tried to compramise with everyone. but it seems that that just makes the problems worse. everything i say and do is complitely turned around. and its hard to hold in my anger when she ones like "ohh stop flipping out stop the drama!!" when im not even doing anything! ill be trying to talk about whatever they're talking about and then someones likes "dude chill out okay just calm down stop freakin out!" and i just dont know what to do but to defend my self and im never rude about it im just like "dude im not doing anything stop telling me to stop doing something that im not even doing" n a regular pitched voice no sarcasm. and i get yelled at, its like wtf!??!? i just cant see what makes people be so mean to me! i cant be happy......for very long anyways....i just...its to much, i fool myself everytime into "oh well maybe life isnt so bad after all" then right after that i go down hill, why cant i just be happy and say that way. thats just to much to ask for or what?? i can see why someone asking for a millino dollars of for there lover to come back from the dead or something being to much to ask, but im just asking for happiness....i guess even thats just to hard to give....*sigh*
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