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the 2 C's confusion & chaos

well there is a lot of things going on in my life, and there major things as well, ill try to make this story as short as possible so whomever reads this doesnt have to waste there time spending an hour reading this, so here it goes. when i was 1-6 i lived in washington state on whidbey island in oak harbor, and my parents got a divorce, and me my sis and mom moved to iowa on the farm to live with my mothers parents. my mom met a guy that lived in michigan and we moved to jackson and then to michigan center (which is in the same county.) ive been living here for 7 years now and all of those years have been 1 confusion and 2 chaos. if any of u reading this dont know me that well or not at all i have a few mental disorders, bipolar....and the doctor DID say i was ADD but it is ocd (obessive compulsive disorder) and anxiety...which i need to get medicated for that one. but the bipolar disorder has gotten way worse because of the 2 C's and plus stress, and ive been having anxiety attacks, and my ocd has gone outta wack, and ive been getting depressed more and more. so ive finally came up with the solution, and this time im dead serious about this decision. im going to move to washington with my father. but my mom and step dad doug are really having a hard time understanding this, my moms starting to be willing but now that ive told my step dad he has gone mad!! i WILL leave, i just hope to fuckin god i leave on a good note and everyone wont hate me. but i will finish off this school year in washington, and if i decide that i dont like it i will move back, if not then i will plant my life there and finally be happy. i just hope to god this is the start of a happy ending.

if u wanna see a picture of the bridge my dad lives by, and were i grew up as a young child, just go to a search site ex: and type in deception pass, thats the park a few blocks away from my dads house, its sooooo beautiful there
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