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yearning sensation

today i had to go to a doctors appointment (psychiatrist app.) and talked to my shrink about what to do about my ocd. he upped some of my meds, and said i need to positive and all this bull shit, i was like "thinking happy and taking happy drugs isnt gonna make me happy, leaving this piece of crap town alone will make me 50% more happier." why cant my mom get this through her head, the only reason the doctors and certain teachers that help me want me here longer is because there trying to trick me into staying here. my mom is trying to suck up and stuff saying "ohhh well what about that hampster u wanted, or we've been trying to make you more comfortable at school and now your just gonna up and leave??" i just cant believe she can care about me so much but insist i stay here and get more miserable! the more she does this the more i want and need to go live with my dad, i mean he likes my style of stuff, infact hes the one who introduced me to my favorite band when i was very young.....ever since i was....i cant remember, and he is just more my style when it comes to living wise and like wise about everything. i just gotta get out of this black hole thats sucking me in further and futher every moment, i need to breathe, be happy, thats all i ask, is it just not important or what?
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