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a poem that i founds which completely explains how i feel

Friends Or Not?
by Jackie R. Mannen

It's happening again
This feeling of not wanting to be around you
It's all coming back
You all treat me with no respect
You act like I don't matter
And you only want me when one or the other one of you is gone
I don't like being the object of your jokes
It's not all in good fun when it hurts me the most
I bet you never even wonder why I don't tell you anything
Well, it's because I just don't want you to make it into another joke
I've felt this way before
And all I did was shove it way down inside
It's back now and I don't know how much longer I can take it
I don't want us to stop being friends
But at this rate I am going to have to separate myself from you all
So I can get my life back on track
You don't even act like you care when I'm upset or in a bad mood
So why should I be there for you
You all will never know how I truly feel
That is partly my fault
But can you really blame me
Why would I add fuel to your fire
I just hope you all wake up and realize you are killing me inside
But the sad thing is I know you never will
That's what hurts me the most
You all need to get some sense
And learn how to become a better friend
To someone more than yourselves
Although you probably don't care
Just to let you know
I can't take this anymore
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