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once again!

i dont know if i put on my journal recently or at all (i doubt i did) about this girl that was living with us, well i hated her from the start and then lindsey started to hate her (my sis) and she moved in because she started to be nice to my parents and shit, so they let her move in (when we cant even afford that space whise and money wise) and my sister finally got her to move out because my parents dont hsve the balls to tell her she couldnt stay here any longer. and she all her stuff outta here the other day, and i though "wheew, finally me my sister and mom and doug FINALLY!" but shes here right now having doug fix her cars breaks!!!!! and she just out there havin a blast with my mom and my!!!! dad (doug...sorta)my mom started yelling at me when i told her that i hated jessie (bitch) and we got into it and i started crying saying that "that's my dad the only man in my life that has the choice to be there for me, and shes taking him away from me, i dont want this to happen again!" and my mom smiled and we just sorta ended it at that. but right now doug finally wants the piece of bread i made for him (banana bread) so i gotta go give it to him.
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