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god could my life get any more confusing!.....yeah probably...maybe

ok, well i think ive been through enough stress for a life time or two. thats the secound time they WERE gonna get a divorce, but no my mom gets him to hold on a little longer. whats making him do what he hasent ever been able to do, more, and longer gonna make anything better?!!?!? nothing, but cause more stress. so ive finally gotten to the point....AGAIN! were i want to move to washington. but this mom is letting me, im online right now looking for a plane ticket for november 4th 2005. and i have sucessfully acomplished that. my mom has set up some rules, since me leaving with be in about 3 weeks, i have to do what im told and go to school every day (week days only.) but i still gotta talk to my dad about this. and yeah i know i know but heres the whiney part! my mother is making me earn moving in with my dad?? like its earning a object!!?? i mean if she wants me happy then she should just let me go without a whole schpeel. but im going in november and i HAVE TO stay until the school years over at least. but my mom wants me to come back for christmas if possible. haha lol sooooo thats the update in my life. OOHHH i dont think i ever put in here that i have a hamster now, her names chloe. ive had her about 10 days now and im completely in love with her...but unfortunatly i have to leave her here in michigan for my sister to take care of. god fuckin damn i get some thing i love and then i get offered an opportunity, and what do i have to do? i have to choose one. and if coarse i picked the life time opportunity while i have it. but i have consequences???! i have to give up the only pet ive ever got to pick out, name, take care of, and rightfully call MY OWN? i just cant have it all can i.....? well i guess ill see what happens next in my dramatic soap opra life (dramatic voice and music says "we'll return for another episode of days of our lives.")
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