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boooring boooring boooring..!

today wasnt all that great. its another weekend and i have nothing to do, ONCE AGAIN. but hey, at least i can say i got outta the house last weekend....that was a first for the, 5 months. i dont really get out much, i never really have anyone to go out to do stuff with, and when i do get out, its to school, or to the store with my mom, or sometimes my neighbors house....but...thats just to see if he wants to come over and hang out...which usuall yhe cant or is to buisy with his new friends. but ehh....i guess ill be fine, who needs people to make your life complete??? i shouldnt really be any different right? when i did hang out with people, i didnt really feel there anyways. i still dont, and without the people to be with, its still the same alone....still. always have been....always will be, mine as well get used to it......
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