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this world is sick!

my whole household is sick basically. my step dad has been puking for ....i dont know like 3 weeks now, my sister seems to be sick (if not just faking it) my mom isnt really sick but im sure she will be, and jessie (who lives with us) has been sick a lot lately too!! and today doug, my mom, and i went over to dougs parents house to celebrate chrishmas and thanksgiving, cause there leaving for texas tomorrow. and i hadent ate all day, so i get some foo dand afterwards i almost puked, i got all clammy and i went out side were it was nice and cool, then i came inside and i couldnt get warm, so the whole time i was there i slept in my grandma and grandpas bed, with two blankets over mey shivering, then afterwards i got up we opened gifts and we left, i feel better now, but god im fuckin hungry as hell. im scared to eat anything, but ohhhh that cake looks goood lol. i just dont wanna feel like that again, it sucked!! i wanted to just be shot to end the pain and sure its not over with either.....*groans* *mumbles obscenities*
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